For the perfect pool at the perfect price, call Holiday Coast Pools & Water!

Our friendly team supply and install above ground and fibreglass pools throughout the Coffs Harbour region. We also provide comprehensive pool maintenance, so you can enjoy clean and sparkling water all year round.

The excellent services we provide are matched only by our quality products and equipment. We sell a wide range of pool chemicals, pumps, chlorinators, filters and everything else you need to keep your pool pristine.

To find out more about the services we offer, or request a no obligation quote, don't hesitate to contact Holiday Coast Pools & Water today.

Fibreglass & Above Ground Pool Supply & Installation

The fibreglass we provide are easily maintained, smooth and can be installed rapidly. Fibreglass is also highly compatible with a variety of pool cleaning chemicals.

Our excellent above ground swimming pools are ideal for anyone looking to enjoy a backyard pool without sacrificing too much space. Like our fibreglass they are easy to maintain, stylish and can be installed fast.

Pool Servicing

When it comes to keeping your pool in good condition, the team at Holiday Coast Pools & Water are second to none. Our friendly team will make sure you benefit from more than 40 years of industry experience, as well as provide you with important tips for keeping your pool functioning the way it should.

Pool Maintenance

Whether your chlorine levels need adjusting, your filter needs a good clean or you want to rid your pool of algae, our Coffs Harbour pool maintenance experts can deliver. We pride ourselves on our excellent after sales service.

Free Water Analysis

To make sure the chemical levels are balanced and neutralising harmful contaminants, we offer free water analyses. Our team will make sure you receive honest, practical advice to help take the guesswork out of managing your swimming pool.

All Pool Equipment Supplies

We supply and install pool equipment from leading brands at Holiday Coast Pools & Water. Pumps, filters,chlorinators and much more can be provided by our team at very competitive prices. Our Coffs Harbour pool experts will ensure you receive the equipment that works best for your specific pool type.


At Holiday Coast Pools & Water, we stock everything you need to keep your pool in the best condition possible. We make it a point to sell products from leading brands so you can count on receiving great value for money when you choose us. To find out more about our Coffs Harbour pool product range, don't hesitate to contact us today!

Pool Chemicals

Our team sell algaecides, adjusters, stabilised tablets and a comprehensive range of other chemicals at affordable prices. We stock chemicals from leading brands Pool Magic and Focus Chemicals.

Clean & Filtered Bottled Water

To ensure your pool water stays pure and shimmering, we can supply you with clean and filtered water in 14 ($7.50) and 19 ($10.00) litre bottles. The water is purified through carbon, charcoal and reverse osmossis (removes all types of minerals and metals from water) filters including chlorine, fluoride and calcium. A $20.00 refundable deposit is required per bottle and we will deliver our bottled water throughout the Coffs Harbour region.

Freedom Fibreglass Pools

Freedom is Australia's leading supplier of fibreglass pools and it is easy to see why. Their use of innovative designs and cutting-edge technology has been recognised with numerous awards. Our team will provide you with a Freedom Fibreglass pool that suits you needs and budget.

Onga Equipment

At Holiday Coast Pool & Water, we sell and install reliable and durable pool products from leading brand Onga. Our Onga filtration pumps are quiet, unobtrusive and incorporate cutting edge technology to keep you pool healthy.

MineralChlor Pool Magnesium

By using pool magnesium from MineralChlor, you can reduce your pool's salinity conditions to the correct level with minimal effort. Our team are happy to advise you on how to use your MineralChlor Pool Magnesium to gain the best results.

Copper/Silver Ionised Pools

If you want to make sure your water remains free of harmful bacteria, and don't want to rely to heavily on chemicals, a copper or silver ionised pool is the perfect solution. An ionised pool will significantly reduce your chlorine levels, which means you don't need to worry about pool maintenance as often as you otherwise would. Talk to us about our copper/silver ionised pools today.

Spares & Parts for All Equipment & Brands

If you have a broken chlorinator or your pump isn't delivering, you may not need to purchase a replacement model. At Holiday Coast Pool & Water, we can supply and install the spare parts you need at a great rate. We stock parts from all major pool equipment brands.